Myanmar (formerly Burma), one of the most exotic countries in the world, is well - known as the Golden Land not that of its ancient cultural and magnificent heritages but for the land of its rich natural resources and diversity of beautiful attractions combines with a most gracious and hospitable people.

 Myanmar  has  an early civilization, a long and exciting

history dating back t the 500 B.C. (Thuwannabhumi - Thaton) and to the 1st century with archaeological evidences of the Pyu Kingdoms of Beikthano (Vishu) during 1st - 5th centuries A.D., Thayekhittaya (Srikshetra) during 1st. - 9th. Centuries A.D. and Halin (Hanlin) during 3 rd. - 9th. Centuries A.D.. Only when King Anawratha unified the country and founded The First Empire with its capital in Bagan in the early 11th. Century, Myanmar cultural and civilization had its full bloom since then. The empire lasts till the end of 13th. Century producing  glourious  civilization  whose monuments still cndure. The Bagan Empire was more

than 20 years before the Norman conquest of England in 1066. The Second Empire was founded by the King Bayinnaung in the middle of the 16th.

          Century with its capital in Hanthawady (Bago). The Last Myanmar Empire was established by the King Alaunnpaya in 1752, and had a number of capitals, the last being Mandalay. At the zenith of this empire, the British annexed Myanmar in three stages, in 1825, 1852 and 1885 and became a British colony. In 1942 the Japanese occupied Myanmar till the Allied Forces returned in 1945.


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