Wherever you travel and for whatever reason - business or pleasure - there's no need to leave exercise behind! In fact, exercising in a new place, on a different schedule, can be a refreshing break from your regular workout routine. Here are some tips that will show you how easy it can be to keep fit, even in transit:

-     Get used to a variety of exercises, so if you find yourself away from home and unable to do what you like best, you'll be able to choose something else (for example, walking instead of biking).

-     When you make your hotel reservations, inquire about exercise facilities. Hotels that don't have their own facilities usually have arrangements for their guests to use a health club nearby. Find out exactly what you'll have access to (treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, an indoor track or pool, aerobics classes) so you can be prepared to take advantage of it.

-     When you pack, don't forget your walking or running shoes! Other items you might want to bring are a personal headset and your favorite music or audio walking tapes, exercise videotapes (if the hotel has a compatible VCR), a jump rope (provided you have no knee problems and are familiar with this activity), and even - space allowing - a fold-up portable bicycle.

-     Carry your exercise clothes, shoes, and equipment in a separate bag so you can get to them easily and at short notice. This can be very helpful if you take business trips with long airport layovers: Use the time between flights to walk up and down the airport concourse.

-     If you're on a long driving trip, keep your exercise bag handy. Pull over at a park or rest stop, and spend 45 minutes to an hour walking or jogging - it will feel great after being confined to the car for hours.

-     Include long walks or hikes in your vacation plans - it's a great way to get to museums, stores, or tourist attractions. Take fewer taxis and put more mileage on your walking shoes. In addition to the exercise benefits (and the money you'll save), you'll see a lot more of the city or countryside!





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