What You Will Need

  • A table or desk top
  • A comfortable chair
  • A watch or clock with a sweep second hand don't need any special skills or knowledge. All you need is the desire to become younger, slimmer and healthier.

What This Test Measures

This test measures the elasticity of your skin. Why is this an indicator body age? As we get older our skin, which is the largest organ in the body loses its youthful resilience. This test is one of the best indicators of t] biological age of this very visible organ and a foreshadowing of wrinkles. Wrinkles begin in the dermis, the layer of tissue below the visible surface of the skin. This layer is bursting with blood vessels, nerve endings, glands that feed the surface layer, keeping it soft and supple. As our 1 ages, the dermis stiffens and shrinks. The stiffening of the connective tissues in the dermis and the shrinking cause the surface layer of skin loosen and fall in an irregular pattern. The dips and grooves in the pattern are the wrinkles we see as we age.

Ready, Set, Go

Sit down in your chair and pull it up to the surface of a table or desk, your sweep second hand watch ready. Now, place one hand, palm down on the surface of the table. It doesn't matter which hand you choose. Keep your hand relaxed. With the thumb and forefinger of the other hand pinch a large piece of skin from the middle of the flat, relaxed hand. Here's where the seconds come in. Hold the pinched skin firmly for a count of five seconds. Release. Count the number of seconds it takes the pinched skin to go back to normal.

Figuring Out Your Score

Using the chart below, find the number of seconds it took your skin to go back to normal, flat. That's in the first column. Then find your corresponding body age in years. That's in the second column. Write down your score. If you like you can repeat the test on the other hand and then take the average as your final score.

My Personal Score

Skin Elasticity in Seconds: Body Age in Years:

0 to 2 19

2 to 4 30

4 to 6 40

6 to 8 45

8 to 10 50

10 to 12 60

12 to 14 70+


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